Water laboratory



Avène thermal spring water, with its soothing, anti-irritant and healing properties, provides a real response to recurrent dermatosis. Faced with the need to preserve this natural resource and to develop scientific knowledge based on its therapeutic interest, we opened a Water Laboratory in 2008 at the hydrotherapy site. In addition to its protection purpose (the Water Laboratory ensures that the purity and physico-chemical composition of Avène thermal spring water does not vary over time), it also aims to share its knowledge and discoveries about Avène thermal spring water and the properties of water in general with the public at large, whether healthcare specialists (pharmacists, dermatologists), patients or school children.

The Water Laboratory is also a research facility. Its main objective is to better understand where Avène thermal spring water comes from and how it behaves. The fields studied are geology, hydrogeology, physico-chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and cell biology. These research activities are led in cooperation with internal partners within the Pierre Fabre group as well as external partners.


excellence-rurale.jpgRural excellence center: Avène, water, nature, health

The Water Laboratory became part of the rural excellence center “Avène, water, nature, health,” an acknowledgement granted to the Joint Communities of Avène, Orb and Gravezon in December 2006. As an economic development project, this center establishes infrastructure and activities around water and its use. The Avène Water Laboratory provides a scientific dimension to this local sustainable development initiative.

COFRAC accreditation

In order to recognize the quality of the results obtained, the Water Laboratory is committed to a COFRAC (French accreditation committee) accreditation approach. This accreditation is a recognition that the laboratory carries out its activity according to internationally accepted ethical standards and rules.