Vocational training

Developing skills and anticipating the future

In order to meet these challenges, the Training department, within the Human Resources division, works on 3 main areas:

Assisting with how jobs evolve

One of the main challenges faced by Training within Pierre Fabre Laboratories is to better anticipate and assist in how our jobs and organizations evolve.


In order to do this, we offer group-based or individual training to meet the present and future needs encountered by each of our jobs. Most recently, specific new training courses have been created in the company.

For example, our new "Pierre Fabre Corporate Finance Program" aims to ensure the challenges of the Finance department, its tools, and procedures that are specific to the Group are completely understood and allows employees to widen the scope of their technical and managerial skill base.

Supporting the international growth of the company

The development of our business overseas depends heavily on our ability to recruit, train and develop our employees. This international perspective aims to boost the skills of all the employees of the Group and is also part of a plan to develop our local talents.

The Training policy aims to support the international development of the Group. In particular, it ensures coherence between our product messages and the jobs we practice in our various affiliates that are carried out by local teams.

Fostering internal mobility


When faced with the accelerating pace of its economic, regulatory and competitive environment, our business is constantly evolving. In the face of this challenge, we intend to encourage and facilitate our employees' mobility and therefore their professional evolution.

In terms of training, this means making a particular effort to assist employees as they change jobs. Depending on requirements and gaps in skill base, a personalized solution is offered to help employees better understand their new responsibilities.

Pierre Fabre Corporate University:
forging a common identity

Pierre Fabre Laboratories created a Corporate University in 2005. Located in the historic site of the Abbey School of Sorèze, which has been providing cutting-edge pedagogy since the 17th century, the University welcomes over 1,000 employees from the Group every year.

Transmit values, knowledge and practices

Each training program, in particular those concerned with integrating new members of staff, is based on key values that make our corporate culture a success. The university is organized in schools that specialize in strategic topics: management, marketing, product knowledge, medical sales and promotion techniques.

A privileged place for exchanges

Our company incorporates a myriad of professional disciplines in healthcare and beauty and in research and commercialization. This diversity of knowledge and expertise is an opportunity to enrich our practices. Our training programs bring together staff that embody this richness and promote transversality.

Shared language and practices

Most of our training programs are delivered by members of our staff who provide their expertise and, as such, ensure its viability. In addition to the diversity offered through our professional disciplines, our trainers transmit a common core of knowledge.