Virrey del Pino



Our Virrey del Pino site (near Buenos Aires) ensures the production of pharmaceutical active substances. It plays a key role in the fields of animal and plant extraction and hemisynthesis. Today the site’s main production activity is for an active substances derived from chicken wishbones, which are part of the manufacturing process for our anti-arthrosis drug Structum.

The site has developed affiliates to supply chicken wishbones and use the waste products of their processing. The site also studies the industrialization of new procedures for obtaining other active substances.


The first production site was founded by Rovafarm Laboratories in 1964 at Aldo Bonzi near Buenos Aires. Pierre Fabre acquired the unit in 1989 and eventually transferred it to Virrey del Pino in 2000. The site then developed in both technological and regulatory terms (certifications).

  • 2001: production of ACS
  • 2004: ISO 9001 certification
  • 2007: ISO 14001 certification
  • 2010: OHSAS 18001 certification


  • 91% of the site’s waste products are recycled (biomass or energy use)
  • Voluntary policy of reducing water and energy use
  • Clear awareness among employees of health and safety procedures at work
  • A factory that is embedded in the community: partnership with schools and hospitals in the region