Sustainable development


Contributing to health and well-being, advocating for pharmaceutical ethics in all we do, respecting biodiversity, encouraging employee shareholding, or belonging to a foundation of public utility : our company has multiple facets that are also challenges for sustainable development. This socially and environmentally responsible approach, anticipated by Pierre Fabre ever since the company was founded, is formalized around five main challenges: life cycle, sustainable innovation, ethics, people and regions, and solidarity.





In 2012, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre was the first pharmaceutical laboratory and the first company with over 10,000 employees to be granted AFAQ 26000. AFAQ 26000 is a voluntary evaluation procedure developed by AFNOR Certification, which allows organizations to measure their level of maturity in terms of social responsibility.

AFAQ 26000 is based on the ISO 26000 standard, the first and only international CSR standard. Laboratoires Pierre Fabre achieved a score of 624 out of 1,000, which is the “Confirmed” level, and was ranked level three out of the four that are included in the evaluation.

Pierre Fabre, an international group on a human scale, has been nurturing its individuality for over 50 years, and this was underlined by the auditors in their report: territorial grounding, botanical expertise, a culture of excellence, innovation and human development are the key factors for sustainable success that were unanimously commended by the stakeholders.

Through this evaluation conducted by an independent organization and the attribution of the “Confirmed” level during its first evaluation, the panel recognized the effort made since the creation of the company and the desire for exemplarity expressed by its founder.


cycle-de-vie-2.jpgMaking a difference at each step

At each step of our industrial process, from supplying raw materials to packaging and dispatching products, we are looking for ways to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and to respect our partners.

  • Carrying out a responsible purchasing policy
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our activities
  • Working to preserve biodiversity



innovation-durable.jpgMaking sustainable development a lever of innovation

Convinced of both the therapeutic and cosmetological potential of plants and the need to preserve them, our company’s approach involves the responsible development of innovative, safe and effective plant-based active substances. This approach, known as Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre and certified by the European label EFQM, focuses on 4 principles: Innovating, Preserving, Respecting and Guaranteeing. Alongside this approach, we are working on eco-design projects for our formulae and packaging.

  • Leveraging the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise
  • Eco-designing our products



Our company takes great care to respect ethical principles in conducting its affairs and to work with partners who share these principles. To achieve this we have laid down ethical business codes which apply to all our operations and commercial activities of our sales and medical promotion networks. We ensure that these ethical codes are respected by our employees and partners.

  • Respecting the business ethics and fair business practices of our business sectors
  • Ensuring transparency for our commitments


ancrage-international.jpgBuilding together

By listening to its employees and business partners, the group’s desire is to make this dialogue part of a process that is best described as "co-building" and "co-responsibility". Employees and partners contribute to the company’s influence and performance. In return, the company helps with the professional development of its employees and, as far as it can, contributes to the economic, social and cultural dynamics of the regions where it operates.

  • Contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the regions where we operate
  • Ensuring the well-being and development of our employees while respecting equality at work




Participating, assisting and supporting

Pierre Fabre Laboratories are seen as partners of healthcare professionals in their public health mission. The company also supports numerous solidarity and sponsorship projects in the fields of health, culture, education, and sport. It reserves part of its profits for the Pierre Fabre Foundation, which is recognized as being of public utility.

  • Committing to healthcare
  • Participating in national and international solidarity actions
  • Supporting the Pierre Fabre Foundation, which is recognized as being of public utility