Recruitment & integration


We give all our candidates considerable attention and think of hiring as the first step on a journey of integration.

Our hiring procedure is based on 4 main steps during which Human Resources and managers work in close contact.

  • Applying for a job offer or submitting a spontaneous application.recruitment at pierre fabre
  • The hiring manager will review your application with regard to your professional path and associated skills. If your application matches the profile we are looking for, the hiring manager will contact you in order to schedule an interview.
  • If your profile matches, an interview with the manager will be organized. This will focus on the technical skills and setting of the job, and will enable you to best understand the challenges of the job.
  • If the outcome is positive, an interview with the Head of Human Resources will be held in order to review your application as well as define the details of your future employment. The Head of Human Resources will provide you with your employment contract and all the information required for your integration.


By developing specific integration strategies, we ensure integration is successful and help new employees feel like valued members of the company.

The onboarding process

During the first few days and months in the company, new hires participate in an individual integration program established by their managers enabling them to meet with all key stakeholders for the considered position.

General information about Pierre Fabre Laboratories is also presented, so the new hires can understand the company’s major challenges, the way it operates and its inner workings, its values and its Code of Ethics.

Product training workshops

New members of staff who work in professional disciplines that are closely related to our brands take part in product quality workshops from the moment they integrate the company. Elements such as pathologies, indications, positioning, etc. are shared with new employees to prepare and train them to carry out their assignments as successfully as possible.

The "Culture & Avenir" program

All new managers in the company are invited to take part in this exclusive program. Carried out at the Pierre Fabre Corporate University in Sorèze, it helps to communicate the Group’s values and top executives present the company’s strategic challenges.