Prospects and Careers

Recruitment & integration


Because we consider each of our candidates as future employees, we have established a high quality recruitment process. Beyond recruitment, welcoming all new employees is an important challenge. In each or our jobs, we use specific integration procedures which help new employees as they join the company.

Vocational training


Our Health and Beauty business sectors are constantly evolving. Regulations are becoming stricter and consumers and distribution methods are changing fast.

Our international development brings new practices and new cultures as well as these external factors.

Our company must therefore continually adapt itself. We have always been aware that our employees are the drivers of this adaptation.


Training them helps to boost their current abilities and develop the skills they need to rise to tomorrow's challenges.

Career paths

At Pierre Fabre Laboratories, we focus our Human Resources strategy on the skills development of our employees. As such, for a number of years we have been developing a diverse range of tools and services to benefit career management.



We know that diverse paths and experience acquired in various working environments are beneficial to companies. This is why we promote internal mobility and links among the various jobs for all of our sites.