Pierre Fabre worldwide

Through a network of subsidiaries in 44 countries*, including all the major emerging economies, and distribution agreements in over 130 countries, Pierre Fabre achieves nearly 60% of its sales on foreign markets. The company has nearly 3,500 employees outside of France, an increase of 50% between 2003 and 2013.

A virtuous continuum in every country where we operate

Very early on, Pierre Fabre was determined to develop a presence outside of France. The company first looked to Southern Europe. This was a natural choice for a company based closed to Spain. It was actually in Barcelona that the Group opened its first subsidiary, in 1970. Spain was soon to be followed by Portugal, Italy, and Greece. Our dermo-cosmetic brands are now prominent players in these four countries. Our international development is rooted in a faithful application of the model that made the company a success in France. Mr. Pierre Fabre, a licensed pharmacist, always wanted to offer products covering all the therapeutic needs and well-being of his patients, ranging from health to beauty. As such, we rely on the recommendations and advice of health professionals. In every single country where we operate, the principle of this virtuous continuum - doctor, pharmacist, patient – does prevail, for drugs obviously but we also apply it to OTC and dermo-cosmetics. However, this is a model that we will adjust to the particularities of each international market.

This is how China has become the flagship of our international success. Avène is the best-selling dermo-cosmetic brand in China. It was launched in 2003, and has been a partner of the China Dermatologist Association since 2008. To adapt to the specificities of the Chinese market, Avène is mainly distributed in department stores, in dedicated spaces run by a network of advisors trained in skin care diagnosis and appropriate product recommendations.

We brought to the world what we built in our birthplace

In our approach, we listen to all cultures, develop trustworthy relationships with local health professionals, and adapt to the reality of the distribution channels for each market, while always staying true to our high standards in professional advice provided in the right environment to reflect the technical sophistication of our products. This is how we brought to the world what we have built in our birthplace.

Global reach through a network of subsidiaries in 44 countries* across 5 continents

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