Pharmaceutical R&D centers


crdpf2.jpgFrom cytotoxic molecules to targeted therapies

Located at the Toulouse Oncopole Campus, the Pierre Fabre Research and Development Institute houses an outstanding oncological research center. It combines on one site the teams and equipment required for the development and production of new molecules.
Relying on public and private partnerships, its research focuses on natural, chemical or biological molecules.

The main activities of the Pierre Fabre Research and Development Institute include:

  • the identification of new biological targets of therapeutic interest, thanks to the fields of genomics and proteomics;
  • the implementation of research projects that involve original mechanisms of action for the treatment of solid and hematological tumors;
  • the early development of new chemical or biological entities;
  • the development of new clinical indications.


cipf.jpgCancer biotherapies and monoclonal antibodies

Dedicated to the fight against cancer and specialized in targeted biotherapy research, the Pierre Fabre Immunology Center, located at Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France), near Geneva, is focused on research into monoclonal antibodies for use in oncology and the production of biotechnological active substances.

The Antibody Biotechnology Unit (ABU), which has been operational since 2011, supports this research hub in meeting two objectives:

  • strengthening our biotechnology research capacity in the field of cancer;
  • increasing our industrial biotechnology capacity, particularly in cell culture and antibody purification.

Thanks to this new Antibody Biotechnology Unit, the Pierre Fabre Immunology Center benefits from a continuum between research, development and the production of clinical batches.


peraudel-crpf.jpgTreating neuropsychiatric diseases

Located at Castres, on the Péraudel site, the Research Center specializes in the field of central nervous system diseases, particularly psychosis (schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, depression) and neurology (chronic pain). The Center also houses research technology hubs (chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, molecular biology, research informatics) and the group’s Intellectual Property and Scientific Documentation teams.