Encouraging the development of our employees
and promoting internal mobility


A reality at Pierre Fabre Laboratories: as our people have always been at the heart of our business strategy, career management and development are at the core of our HR policy.

The wealth of our profiles and the diversity of our jobs allow us to implement an ambitious, proactive policy dedicated to the professional projects of each of our employees.

Our employees can therefore choose their career path and plan mobility in a variety of ways:


  • Within their professional area, where there is a natural evolution towards jobs that require similar skills and expertise.
  • In a job that is part of another family of disciplines: a wider view of mobility that is made possible thanks to the complementarity of our activities.

We encourage stepping stones between jobs and also between business areas.

Our HR Department works hand-in-hand with managers and staff in the field to promote this mobility dynamic and to better prepare our employees for changes in our professional disciplines.

Promoting international mobility: tomorrow's challenge

The intention expressed by our Human Resources Director is that we need to activate the levers which will allow us to accelerate our international development.

The Group’s international influence provides career development opportunities all over the world.


In addition to these opportunities, international mobility must facilitate the development of an international culture through better understanding of international markets and therefore play an active role in the Group’s strategic challenges. 

It is against this backdrop that we encourage the international mobility of our employees by implementing increasingly transversal methods and tools, which are rolled out internationally. We have defined the in-house publication of our vacancies as an ongoing priority and have made a career management support tool available to all our staff.