Human Resources Policy

Combining a social project with an economic project

Our Human Resources policy reflects both Mr. Pierre Fabre's intention to "combine a social project with an economic project" and the conviction that our employees are our most precious asset.


The HR function plays a role in every step in the life of all employees of the company: recruitment, integration, skill development and, of course, career management. Our HR teams, comprising operational and expert roles, support our managers and employees on a daily basis.

Besides technical skills, we privilege the human perspective in each of our jobs. Open-mindedness, rigor and business acumen are some of the faculties we believe each of our employees should have.

Mobility is key to the Human Resources policy

The rapid changes, whether economic, regulatory or technological, faced by our businesses have a direct impact on our company and its jobs. Over the years to come, we will see jobs transform; some will disappear and others will be created. As mobility is a vector of performance, allowing us to adapt our business and remain competitive, but also because it can be a source of satisfaction for our employees, it is right at the heart of our HR policy.

Our business from Health and Beauty, the diversity of our jobs, and our many subsidiaries around the world offer career opportunities for all our employees.

International mobility is also a key challenge for the years to come. Encouraging geographical mobility among employees and, therefore, developing the intercultural aspect of our teams is one of the major challenges to be faced to respond to the specific characteristics of the areas where we are growing most rapidly. The Pierre Fabre Laboratories international mobility policy has mapped out all the measures required to assist Group employees and help them achieve success.


Attracting future talents

A strong ambition in our HR policy: attract future talents from around the world.


We foster the development of partnerships with Schools and Universities in order to position Pierre Fabre as an employer of choice and attract tomorrow's young talents to our growth territories.

Concrete actions such as an international student exchange programs, scholarships, internship or work-study programs will be multiplied in the years to come.

Training and developing our employees


We pay careful attention to the development and enrichment of our employees' skills. Each person must be the key player in his or her career and have the means to build their professional path.

In order to assist our employees with their projects, we make various tools available such as the Annual Appraisal, the Skills Reference Database and the Career Paths.

We place particular importance on the identification and development of our local talents, in order to contribute to the enrichment of the company and improve our understanding of the challenges faced by each one of our territories.

Talent reviews involve identifying the human resources that will be required for the company's future needs to be met. They help to anticipate employee career management by business area, job, country, etc.

Lastly, we ensure our employees maintain a high level of skills through an innovative training policy, delivered by the Pierre Fabre Corporate University.

Guaranteeing our employees a global remuneration policy

The Human Resources Department has implemented a range of remuneration and benefit schemes which guarantee our employees a secure and enviable social status.

In addition, the unique shareholding organization of Pierre Fabre Laboratories allows our employees in seven countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Portugal) to be Group shareholders and, as a result, to affirm their trust in the future of their company.

Today, 9 out of 10 employees are Group shareholders.