Human Resources at Pierre Fabre Usa


From talent acquisition to talent retention, Human Resources USA works in several processes and activities to accompany Pierre Fabre USA objectives, practices and policies aimed at meeting short- and long-range organizational needs and opportunities, and focused in particular on human capital. It includes the strategic planning process and the process of aligning the human capital management plan with Pierre Fabre USA strategic plan in areas such as:


Pierre Fabre USA encourage a mixed of cultural views and opinions, differences and similarities that make individuals unique, such as individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors that can leverage those qualities in support of business objectives.

Staffing Management

Our Staffing Management area deals with strategies, tactics and processes for sourcing, recruiting, hiring and retaining the human resources needed to support business objectives as home and abroad in the field sale. It includes sources on pre-employment screening and testing, contingent staffing, retention strategies, recruitment technologies, recruitment process and outsourcing.



Compensation area deals with the various forms of direct compensation—that is, employees’ pay—that Pierre Fabre use to attract, recognize and retain workers. It includes designing and administering base pay, incentive pay and, overtime.

Employee Relations

Pierre Fabre USA Employee Relations Discipline deals with maintaining a positive, productive and cohesive work environment. It includes the processes of analyzing, developing, implementing and administering the employer-employee relationship; performing continuing evaluation of it; managing employee performance; ensuring that relations with employees comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations; benefits and, resolving workplace disputes.