Health Care

Day-to-day Health For All


We provide pharmacists, health care professionals and patients with a large range of prescription and OTC drugs for day-to-day in three main fields:

  • Family health: mosquito repellents (Prébutix), nicotine addiction (Nicopatch, Nicopass), ENT, allergology (Drill, Primalan, Rhinotherm, Drill Allergy), venous insufficiency (Cirkan, Bicirkan, Cyclo3, Veinostim)
  • Oral care: mouth washes (Eludril Gé, EludrilPerio, Eludril Pro), whitening (Elgydium daily whitening toothpaste, ELGYDIUM Brightening), sensitive teeth (Elgydium gel toothpaste, Sensigel)
  • Natural health care via the Naturactive brand

Theses ranges are not currently available in the US market.