Among the vineyards, our site at Gaillac (Tarn) ensures the development and production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and neutraceutical active substances for all the group’s activities: prescription drugs, health and dermo-cosmetics. On the site we have developed specific knowledge in the areas of plant extraction, purification, synthesis, hemisynthesis and fluoridation as well as expertise in many future technological fields (supercritical fluids and plant cell culture) that take into account the growing challenges of sustainable development and green chemistry.

The Gaillac site plays an essential role for Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, a certified approach to the development of safe, innovative and effective plant-based active substances.

The Gaillac site was approved by the US health authorities (Food and Drug Administration) in 1993 for the marketing of Navelbine (vinorelbine) in the US, in 2008 for the active substance milnacipran hydrochloride and in 2013 for the active substance levomilnacipran.


Founded in 1976, the Gaillac site has continued to grow non-stop: its technological and human development is based on innovation and the acquisition of new capabilities. Today, there are 8 manufacturing workshops and 300 employees.

  • 1993: cytotoxic production workshop and FDA approval for the active substance vinorelbine
  • 1995: chemical development center
  • 1996: chemical synthesis workshop
  • 1999: fluoridation workshop (for vinflunine production)
  • 2000: expansion of the Quality Control laboratory
  • 2004: supercritical fluids workshop
  • 2007: expansion of the chemical synthesis workshop
  • 2008: FDA (US agency) approval for the active substance milnacipran hydrochloride


  • A robust policy towards solvent use: in-house recycling, external regeneration, or resale for external use
  • Optimal sorting and pre-treatment of liquid waste to reduce the amount of waste sent for external incineration
  • Composting of most plant extracts
  • Large amount of employee participation in health and safety management at work
  • A factory that listens to its neighbors (meetings and 24-hour complaint handling system)
  • High level of involvement in the community (partnership with local associations and education bodies, inter-company health and safety exchanges)

The Gaillac site is also ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.