Founding Principles


Cutting-edge research on plants, class-fertilizing the expertise of botanists, agronomists, biologists and pharmacists with a passion about the benefits of the plant world


Research into plant-based substances has always been a key research area for our company. The accumulation of data from research together with a deep understanding of plants and their environment has enabled us to develop and market about 40 plant-based products. Three of our main drugs are of plant origin, including Permixon, which is made from palm trees from Florida and used in urology. In dermo-cosmetics, our Klorane, A-Derma, René Furterer and Galénic brands are built around this botanical expertise. This passionate research into plants synergizes the expertise of botanists, farmers, biologists, and pharmacists.


Proven efficacy of our active substances. A demand for quality based on our pharmaceutical culture that applies to our plant-based active substances


As a pharmaceutical laboratory, our mission is to make products that are safe, well tolerated and have proven efficacy available to prescribers, patients, and customers. The development and production of plant-based active substances does not deviate from this mission. We aim to check and prove, for each of our plant-based active substances, their safe use and activity, whether they are used as medicines, in phytotherapy or in dermo-cosmetics.


Sustainable preservation of our plant heritage and biodiversity, sources of benefits – known or yet to be discovered – for everyone’s health and wellbeing


The history of our company is intimately linked to the world of plants. For our company, preserving biodiversity is a response to three challenges: maintaining biological diversity, which is a potential source of active substances in the fields of health and beauty; protecting and safeguarding nature, which is essential for humanity’s equilibrium; and respecting nature, which is a source of beauty and poetry. We have a profound respect for plants, their richness and fragility, and translate this into concrete action: agriculture with no chemical phytosanitary treatment whenever possible, biological agriculture, risk analysis of resource continuation, ISO 14001-certified active substance production factory, audit of suppliers based on quality and sustainable development criteria, etc.


An approach that respects our partners, farms, harvesters, and suppliers, whose knowledge contributes to the development of our expertise


Preserving biodiversity and leveraging it for innovation purposes also means particular attention to those who know it, work with it, and live with it. Adopting a respectful approach toward our partners means respecting farmers, harvesters, and suppliers with whom we strive to develop ongoing cooperation.