Our company takes great care to respect ethical principles in conducting its affairs and to work with partners who share these principles. To achieve this we have laid down ethical business codes which apply to all our operations and commercial activities of our sales and medical promotion networks. We ensure that these ethical codes are respected by our employees and partners.



As stipulated by the law, we follow international and European standards for product quality and key pharmaceutical processes, especially Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. We have based our quality and control standards for our dermo-cosmetic products on those for prescription drugs. We ensure on-going regulatory intelligence for all our areas of expertise. Hygiene, Safety and Environment intelligence is carried out by a dedicated information system.



We ensure that our brands respect the principles of responsible communication. Environmental and sustainability claims are validated by the relevant regulatory affair departments and the Sustainable Development department.



Our medical detailing organisations are tailored according to the needs and evolutions of the pharmaceutical market, but also to the requirements for quality laid down by regulatory authorities.

Since 2007, our French networks have been certified by the AFAQ-AFNOR group according to standards set up by the French Supreme Health Authority (HAS). These networks are specialized in general medicine, oncology, urology, cardiology, psychiatry, rheumatology, gynecology, diabetology and endocrinology.

Our international affiliates apply current national regulations, as well as our Good Commercial Practices charter.