Eco-design in Practice

Ducray Extra-Doux: eco-designed shampoo for the whole family

Ducray Dermatological Laboratories apply an active eco-design approach in order to minimize the environmental impact of their "flagship" shampoo, Extra-Doux.
After analyzing the shampoo's life cycle to identify areas that could be optimized, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories developed a biodegradable formula without losing any of the shampoo's effectiveness, all while maintaining its styling qualities and original fragrance. The shampoo was reformulated using ingredients that facilitate biodegradability. Extra-Doux is sold in a recyclable bottle.

In 2012, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories strengthened its eco-responsible approach in terms of its Extra-Doux shampoo, taking part in the Zanbal project. Thanks to this solidarity project, Ducray Dermatological Laboratories compensates for 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions linked to producing its Extra-Doux Shampoo.

*Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): the study and quantification of a product's environmental impact, from the extraction of its raw materials to its disposal at the end of its life.

Klorane – Desert Date: an eco-designed and environmentally responsible line for dry, damaged and brittle hair

By developing its line of hair-repair products with desert date, Klorane embarks on a project that meets the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Recognized for its exemplary nature, this global approach was certified Ecocert 26 000 - level of excellence: a first in the dermo-cosmetics world.
The entire desert date haircare line is eco-designed with 100% biodegradable formulas and eco-designed packaging:

  • A life cycle assessment is performed for every product in the line
  • The desert date palm nut is harvested respecting the surrounding eco-system, helping to develop the local economy
  • The extract is created respecting the principles of green chemistry: the extraction phase uses a green solvent at the Pierre Fabre Extraction Factory that is ISO 14001 certified, and dried on a plant support
  • Short supply chains are chosen, with the line 80% made in France. For the shampoo, the date extract, bottle and end product are all produced within a 14-mile radius.
  •  100% biodegradable formulas, containing no silicone
  • Eco-designed packaging:
    • the shampoo bottle made with 50% recycled PET, reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to the packaging by 13%, and 25% lighter tubes to save 0.6 tons of plastic, while maintaining solidity and transparency,
    • boxes and inserts made of PEFC-certified paper (from sustainably managed forests)
  • We help to raise public awareness regarding recycling through our partnership with Eco Emballage.

A responsible line, it supports an ambitious social and economic project: the Great Green Wall.

A-Derma: products made in southwest France

Every stage in the production of A-Derma products is performed in southwest France, in a short supply chain: Rhéalba® oat, the plant from which the brand's plant-based active ingredient is extracted, is grown according to organic agriculture principles: with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no GMOs, recycling of organic matter and crop rotation. The plants are cultivated in southwest France, primarily in the Tarn region.

  • The extract is produced at our own production facility in Gaillac, in the Tarn region, an ISO 14001-certified site.
  • Manufacturing is done in Soual, also in the Tarn region. The Soual site was expanded as part of an experimental HQE operation.
  • The distribution center receiving the finished products is located in Toulouse, in the Haute-Garonne region.