Conservatories and gardens


conservatoire-botanique.jpgThe Botanical Conservatory was founded in 2001 as a research, protection and preservation facility in Soual (Tarn): nearly 1,200 plant species are represented there, of which 40% are protected species. The Conservatory’s activities contribute to the knowledge of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and its researchers in terms of botanical diversity. Our Conservatory received official recognition by official decree dated July 6, 2010 for the CITES* “labeling” initiative procedure, an initiative that facilitates exchanges between scientists and scientific institutions engaged in researching, conserving and preserving plant and animal diversity. It is the fourth scientific institution and first French private organization to obtain this approval.

*CITES: A convention on the international trade of threatened wild fauna and flora species that aims to ensure that the international trade of wild animal and plant specimens does not threaten the survival of the species to which they belong.



At our agricultural site at Ranopiso we have created an arboretum. It is the only botanical conservatory in the south of Madagascar, an area where 90% of plant species are endemic. Over an area of 2.2 ha, it contains 350 species, 20% of which are classified as CITES. It is open to the public to make them aware of protecting their unique plant heritage. The arboretum is also a center of botanical expertise for Madagascan plants, in cooperation with the Water and Forest Administration. A forest area of 180 ha, located on our farm, was voluntarily turned into a protected reserve. It is a transitional forest between the humid Eastern coast and the dry Western regions. This biotope, where only a few studies have been carried out, was the subject of a flora inventory. To date, 234 species have been listed, including two that had never been described before.