Brands and biodiversity


Protecting argan trees in Morocco

galenic-arganier.jpgA source of life in the Moroccan desert and a tool in the fight against desertification, the argan tree is today under threat. Since 1998, the Moroccan argan tree reserve has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its role in the preservation of ecosystems, economic development, and scientific research. As a pioneer and expert in the use of argan oil for more than 25 years, the Galénic brand supports the Mohammed VI Foundation for Research and Protection of the Argan Tree. Galénic thus contributes to replanting argan trees, developing and protecting the natural balance, improving the quality of life of local populations, and developing scientific research into the tree.


Ethical shea butter from Burkina Faso

rf-karite_ethique.jpgFor more than 50 years, Pierre Fabre Laboratories has promoted the use and preservation of the plant world. It is in this regard that René Furterer has set up a new supply line for shea butter in Burkina Faso. The brand joined forces with a young local structure, SOTOKACC, founded by Nathalie Ouattara, a woman committed to the economic and social development of her village. Thanks to this partnership, René Furterer guarantees shea butter with an impeccable quality made in the pure African tradition by simple mechanical pressure (with no solvents or additives), based on long-term economic and responsible relations.

Since 2007, the brand has shared its expertise to secure shea butter production. It has offered SOTOKACC a mechanical press that makes the tedious job of churning unnecessary. Thanks to this collaboration, women in Burkina Faso have been able to modernize their method of producing the country’s “green gold” and make a high-quality dermo-cosmetic active substance.


zanbal-ducray.jpgCarbon compensation approach in Mali

Since 2012, the Ducray Brand has been taking part in the Zanbal project to plant acacia trees in Mali as a way to compensate for 100% of its green house gas emissions linked to the production of the eco-responsible approach its best-seller Extra-Mild shampoo.