In the heart of the Pyrénées mountains, our site at Bagnères-de-Bigorre ensures the planting, harvesting and processing of plants for the manufacture of distilled water used in the composition of several of our pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Proud of its roots and strengthened by 60 years dedicated to plant raw materials, it has developed specific knowledge in terms of plant distillation based on the principle of respecting biodiversity and renewing resources.

Pharmaceutical rigor and traceability are used on the site for the best use of natural active substances from witch hazel, cornflower, olive trees, lime trees or chamomile.


  • The maintenance of plantations and plots is undertaken naturally, with no chemical treatment or additives.
  • The use of fresh material (in summer or winter) respects the plant’s natural cycle.
  • Distillation respects the plant’s innate extracts for use in pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.
  • The natural active substances produced at Bagnères-de-Bigorre are essential components of various treatments (vein circulation insufficiency, eye care).
  • The cultivated crops have received organic certification (AB organic certification).