The Avène-les-Bains site manufactures and packages products for the Avène brand using thermal spring water that has been recognized since the 18th century for its soothing and anti-irritant properties. Located at the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional park, the factory has its eyes firmly on the future. It is constantly evolving by offering innovative products resulting from its industrial mastery of care products based on thermal spring water.





Avène thermal spring water was declared to be of public interest in 1874 and is the basic ingredient of our Avène products. Following the installation of the dermatological laboratories at Avène-les-Bains (Hérault), the factory was created nearby in 1989 to assist with the brand’s development.

Responding to continuously increasing demand, manufacturing new products to meet high-quality standards and shortening production times are among the challenges that the Avène site has met over the years. To meet the constant increase in production, various adjustments have been made. The latest, a 4,000 m² extension in 2012, enabled the installation of new equipment dedicated to sterile bulk production.

The site now enjoys an important and polyvalent industrial tool that encompasses 10 manufacturing platforms for emulsions and liquids and 12 packaging lines, including 4 for sterile bulk packaging.



  • 1990: Construction of Avène factory (3,500 m²)
  • 1994: Creation of a storage warehouse and expansion of the production and control areas (4,200 m²)
  • 1998: Expansion of the administration area and creation of a new storage warehouse (2,750 m²)
  • 2003: Expansion of technical areas and expansion of the manufacturing area (4,800 m²)
  • 2007: Opening of a packaging warehouse at La Tour-sur-Orb (2,100 m²)
  • 2011: Creation of a raw materials workshop and weights center, expansion of the manufacturing area to accommodate the making of sterile cosmetic products (4,000 m²)
  • 2013: Beginning of a new aerosol workshop (4,000 m²)



The Avène site has made it a priority to respect and protect the environment. For several years many operations have been conducted to reduce the factory’s energy consumption and carbon footprint:

    • Use of green energy: all electricity consumed on-site is produced by hydro-electric power stations located very close to the production unit.
    • Installation of free-cooling equipment: use of external cool air to help with the production of ice that is used, among other things, to cool vats.

  • Production and storage of ice during off-peak hours, enabling a reduction in electricity consumption during peek hours.
  • Optimization of energy use, thanks to a system of automatic energy status reports in real time (water, electricity, oil, etc.).

The site’s effluent is treated in a purification centre.

In terms of waste, the Avène factory has a voluntary policy that means that it now recycles 98% of its waste. To continue to improve their environmental performance, teams have identified new areas of action with the help of the Eco-Emballages packaging waste recovery organization.